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Premium Virtual Reality Therapy Platform

Introducing state of the art virtual reality therapy platform. Help participant fight their fears, anxiety and stress within virtual environments which looks & feal totally real. Phobia Studio Max 3.0 is now powered by Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality hardware.

Heal the brain in a controlled

& safe virtual environment

During a traditional therapy session, therapist re-create traumatic situation as if it was happening again in the present. This all require imaging past situation but it generally never feel real.

TattvaVR platform helps one in experiencing the situation within a three dimensional environment. This helps one in experiencing and face their fears, learning that what they're scared of can't hurt them anymore and that they are safe now. During exposure therapy session, one gradually faces their fear in a controlled situation which looks extremely real. The field is still young, but early results are positive. 

Meet the software that's designed for mental health and psychological healing.

Virtual Reality's unique ability to transport you somewhere else can be used to create powerful simulations of the scenarios in which psychological difficulties occur. No longer does a therapist need to accompany a client on a trip to a crowded shopping place, for example, or up a tall building. Situations that are impractical or impossible to recreate — flying, for example, or the harrowing events that can lie behind fear — can be conjured at the click of a mouse.


VR Exposure Therapy

Phobia Studio Max 3 allows participants to overcome fears - phobias, anxiety, stress and panic disorders. Virtual reality Immersive / Exposure therapy, is the use of virtual reality technology for psychological or occupational healing practice and in affecting virtual rehabilitation.

One receiving virtual reality Exposure therapy, navigates within digitally created environments and complete specially designed tasks often tailored to heal a specific ailment. It is widely used as an alternative form of VR immersion, in which one interact with harmless virtual representations of traumatic stimuli in order to reduce fear responses.

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